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    1. Buying a New Business Laptop This Year? Get to Know Your BOP Insurance

      Does your business have big goals for the new year? If you'll need new equipment to crush those goals, don't forget insurance! Making sure your small business' gear is protected will help keep things running smoothly.

      For laptops, insurance is especially important as they can be easily lost or stolen. Laptops can also be a cyber security risk. Learn more about insuring your business laptop on Insureon:

      Ready for a new business laptop? These tips can help you find one that fits your small business and show you how BOP Insurance protects your investment.

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    2. New Equipment or Furniture Checklist

      Is your business growing and looking to upgrade your stuff? Whether it's new office furniture or equipment to help you get your work done, there are some things to consider when making new purchases for your business.

      Read more on Insureon and don't forget to give your insurance policies an update after upgrading to ensure you have enough coverage:

      Before your small business shops for new office furniture or equipment, review this checklist. These tips can help you make the most of your dollars.

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    3. 3 Scariest Data Breaches of 2016

      Gotta love a good end of the year roundup, except when that roundup involves data breaches! This scary event can leave your customers vulnerable and undermine the trust others have in your business, not to mention the added cost of fixing the problem.

      There is a lot to be learned from these security breaches and those lessons could help you protect your business and your customers better. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as just purchasing an insurance but requires diligence.

      Read more on Insureon about the top three scariest data breaches of 2016:

      Small-business owners: learn some valuable lessons ...

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    4. 4 Risks Less Sexy than Cyber Security that Matter More to Your Business

      Cyber security risk my be what's covered often in the news these days, but don't get distracted. There may be risks more pressing for your small business that you should be considering and insuring your small business against.

      Do your research to find out what risks are common in your industry and the area your business located in. Speak with an insurance agent to make sure you're covered against such risks. 

      While it is smart to protect your business from cyber threats, don't overlook less trendy risks that could be more likely to strike your small ...

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    5. 19 Tips to Prepare Your Business for the 10 Most Common Insurance Claims

      This post should be required reading for business owners! These 19 tips will help you prepare your business for the most common commercial insurance claims. There are many things you can do to reduce your risk in addition to carrying business insurance.

      In addition to preparing your office and business against these common claims, you should also ensure you have the proper coverage and coverage limits. Having the correct insurance coverage will help you avoid the hassle and financial headache of common problems other businesses have faced. 

      Read on for Insureon's 19 tips:

      Don't wait for trouble to ...

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    6. 3 Real Small Business Disasters: Experts Weigh In

      When running your small business, how a disaster in your area could affect your business is probably not top of mind. However, running your business like nothing could ever go wrong is a mistake too many business owners make.

      Whether it's a hurricane that sweeps through and causes flooding or something totally unexpected, like an explosion in the neighborhood, having a plan in place for dealing with the unexpected is the best way to ensure your small business is poised to recover quickly from whatever comes your way.

      Insureon spoke with several disaster experts about how small businesses can ...

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    7. Roundup: Insureon's Best Business Preparedness Resources

      Small business owners, this post is for you! In honor of National Preparedness Month, Insureon has rounded up a big list of resources to help you keep your small business safe from possible disasters.

      It's National Preparedness Month! Kick it off with these 10 resources that can help your be prepared for whatever disaster comes your way.

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    8. Where Your Business Property Is & Isn’t Covered, According to Your Insurance

      Getting commercial property insurance for your business is a no-brainer, but the things your policy doesn't cover aren't as obvious to most small business owners. If you depend on commercial property insurance to protect your business, make sure to reach out to your agent for clarity on what your policy does and does not cover. There could be certain types of damage that are excluded or if your property is in transit often, it may not be covered while on the move.

      Learn more about what limitations you should be aware of on Insureon:

      Commercial Property Insurance is ...

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    9. The Savvy Driver’s Guide to Commercial Auto Insurance

      Check out this guide from Insureon about commercial auto insurance to make sure you've got the right protection for your business and employees. Making sure you, your employees and your company's vehicles are protected can help you focus on running your business, not how to pay for damages. Read more:

      Commercial Auto Insurance is just one cost to consider when you or your employees drive. Learn how to save on it and other driving expenses.

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    10. 5 Essential Insurance Policies for Businesses on the Move

      Your busy and growing business may have some dynamic insurance needs. For many Massachusetts businesses, a simple commercial insurance policy is not enough. Depending on certain aspects of the business you run, you could require some additional, specialized insurance for those times you, your employees and your company's property are on the move.

      If you need to drive places to perform your business' functions, or you need to send an employee via car to company meetings, you'll want to look into insuring your liability in case something happens on your trip. You'll also want to think about ...

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    11. 3 Ways to Make Sure Your Business Is Ready for Hurricane Season

      With hurricane season on it's way, it's time to think about how you can protect your business from the effects of adverse weather conditions. The damage from a hurricane could cripple both your business' ability to operate and its finances.

      Read on for tips from Insureon:

      Hurricane season is here. Prepare your business with tips from business owners who have experienced these storms firsthand.

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    12. Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI): What Small Businesses Should Know

      When starting your business and hiring employees, you may be tempted to opt out of Employment Practices Liability Insurance. Perhaps you think it's covered by your workers comp policy or maybe you can't imagine that an employee would ever sue you. Both of these assumptions could cost you lots of money if you do run into a discrimination or unfair employment lawsuit with an employee. Read on for more information about this specific coverage:

      Many small-business owners think they have Employment Practices Liability Insurance in their Workers’ Comp coverage, but they don't. Tips for adequate coverage.

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    13. 4 Important Things Most Small Businesses Forget When Training Employees

      Not only does properly training your employees set them up for success in their new roles, it also can help you avoid potential lawsuits and commercial insurance claims.

      Make sure your employee training includes employee and customer safety, anti-discrimination policies, and visuals to help the new info stick.

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    14. 4 Overlooked Ways Your Business Changes When You Make Your First Hire

      Hiring new employees is always exciting, but it can be risky. Make sure you know what can change in relation to your commercial insurance coverage to ensure you'll be protected.

      New employees change your small business. Get tips from HR pros so you can adapt to the changes and comply with state Workers’ Comp laws.

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    15. Small Business Insurance & Social Media: Are You Protected?

      Don't let a Tweet jeopardize your business! Make sure you understand how your risk of advertising injury extends to social media and how liability insurance can help protect your business.

      Social media may increase your risk of advertising injury. Learn how small business insurance, especially General Liability, may protect you.

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    16. 3 Ways to Improve Your Chance of Winning a Professional Liability Lawsuit

      Being diligent in all areas of your business not only helps your business run smoother, but could be an asset if you face a liability suit. Read on for more information:

      A small-business owner's best bet for winning a professional liability lawsuit is to document client interactions, work with a lawyer, and honestly assess their situation.

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    17. Does Workers’ Compensation Pay for Bike-to-Work Injuries?

      Does Workers’ Compensation Pay for Bike-to-Work Injuries?

      With May marking National Bicycle Safety Month and the weather improving, more people will forgo driving for biking, including for the commute to work. What happens if your employee is injured while biking to work? Would that qualify for a workers comp claim?

      Read on to learn more from Insureon: 

      An employee who’s injured biking to or from work can’t make a Workers’ Compensation Insurance claim, but there are exceptions, such as when they bike on business errands.

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