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    1. What Is Postage Insurance and When Is It Necessary?

      What Is Postage Insurance and When Is It Necessary?

      Helpful summary from Small Business tips detailing when postage insurance could help your business!

      Whether your shipping vintage table lighters from a recent eBay sale or a technology component to an important client across the country, postage insurance may be something you  want to consider. Because without it, you might end up paying a heavy price.

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    2. Buying a New Business Laptop This Year? Get to Know Your BOP Insurance

      Does your business have big goals for the new year? If you'll need new equipment to crush those goals, don't forget insurance! Making sure your small business' gear is protected will help keep things running smoothly.

      For laptops, insurance is especially important as they can be easily lost or stolen. Laptops can also be a cyber security risk. Learn more about insuring your business laptop on Insureon:

      Ready for a new business laptop? These tips can help you find one that fits your small business and show you how BOP Insurance protects your investment.

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    3. 8 Reasons Your Business Should Have GPS Vehicle Tracking

      8 Reasons Your Business Should Have GPS Vehicle Tracking

      Considering a GPS tracking system for your business' vehicle fleet? It could help you save on your insurance costs.

      Learn more on Blogtrepreneur:

      Keeping costs low and earnings high is essential when you own and operate your own business. But if you or your employees work in the field, it can be difficult to identify opportunities to reduce costs and increase your revenue.

      If your business relies on a fleet of vehicles, you may have already thought about implementing a GPS tracking system.

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    4. New Equipment or Furniture Checklist

      Is your business growing and looking to upgrade your stuff? Whether it's new office furniture or equipment to help you get your work done, there are some things to consider when making new purchases for your business.

      Read more on Insureon and don't forget to give your insurance policies an update after upgrading to ensure you have enough coverage:

      Before your small business shops for new office furniture or equipment, review this checklist. These tips can help you make the most of your dollars.

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    5. Business Insurance 101 - Everything You Need to Know

      Business Insurance 101 - Everything You Need to Know

      Everything Massachusetts business owners need to know about commercial insurance, straight from insurer Hiscox. With so much to do and devote your time to as a business owner, it can be easy to overlook or simply never around get to protecting your business. This quick guide will give you the information you need to initiate a conversation with a commercial insurance agent.

      Learn the lingo of the business insurance world and begin understanding the most common policies on Hiscox:

      Running a small business is like walking a tightrope. It’s thrilling, but it also comes with some risk. Whether you ...

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    6. Looking Ahead: Commercial Insurance Pricing

      Could you see your commercial insurance premium rates drop this year? The Insurance Information Institute looks into the trends and taps industry experts to comment on where the industry is headed:

      Where are U.S. commercial insurance rates headed in the coming year?

      Latest analysis from online insurance exchange MarketScout gives some insight.

      This from Richard Kerr, CEO MarketScout:

      “We expect more moderate rate reductions for the coming year for all but a few lines of business. If interest rates increase, rate reductions could accelerate.”

      December closed out the year at a composite rate reduction of 1 percent, according to ...

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    7. Make Small Business Cyber Security a Priority in 2017

      Make Small Business Cyber Security a Priority in 2017

      Cyber security is an important issue for small businesses to tackle head on, especially in the new year. Get your business ready with these tips from Small Business Trends:

      Many small business owners may think they are protected against computer viruses and hacks, but that may not be the case. In fact, too many small business owners don’t do much to protect themselves. There are so many must-dos that accompany running a business that it’s easy for tasks like protecting your IT infrastructure to be placed on the back burner. But the typical IT security problem can cost ...

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    8. Does Your Business Have All of Its Required Licenses and Permits?

      Does Your Business Have All of Its Required Licenses and Permits?

      When starting your small business, it is imperative to have all of the proper legal paperwork in order, whether that entails required licenses or permits. Setting up your business correctly will lower the chances that you'll run into legal issues down the line.

      How can you be sure that you've got everything you need? Check out this article from Small Business Trends and don't forget to insure your business' legal liability with commercial insurance.

      When you’re launching a business, it can be confusing to understand all the legal obligations involved. Do you need a small business ...

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    9. How to Prevent Theft of Inventory During Your Busy Season

      How to Prevent Theft of Inventory During Your Busy Season

      Great advice for small business owners here! Keep your inventory and business safe with these risk management tips from Small Business Trends:

      Increased inventory and worker numbers can raise the potential for theft during the busy holiday season. And the last thing a business wants when incurring higher labor costs is a decrease in returns.

      According to the National Retail Federation, retailers lost approximately $44 billion from theft in 2015. Of that amount, more than 34 percent was stolen by employees.

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    10. Turn Your Blog Into a Business: A Legal Perspective

      Turn Your Blog Into a Business: A Legal Perspective

      Commercial insurance isn't just for brick and mortar businesses. If your blog is your side hustle and it's starting to generate revenue or you're thinking of using it as a platform to sell things on, you're in business. There are legal steps to take to protect yourself from the potential risks of running a business. And don't forget commercial insurance!

      Read more on blogtrepreneur.com:

      Are you ready to turn your blog into a business? You can use it to sell digital products, engage in affiliate marketing, or reach out to potential clients. Learn to ...

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    11. 3 Scariest Data Breaches of 2016

      Gotta love a good end of the year roundup, except when that roundup involves data breaches! This scary event can leave your customers vulnerable and undermine the trust others have in your business, not to mention the added cost of fixing the problem.

      There is a lot to be learned from these security breaches and those lessons could help you protect your business and your customers better. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as just purchasing an insurance but requires diligence.

      Read more on Insureon about the top three scariest data breaches of 2016:

      Small-business owners: learn some valuable lessons ...

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    12. Riders on The Storm: Small Business Owners Must Learn to Deal with Disaster

      Riders on The Storm: Small Business Owners Must Learn to Deal with Disaster

      This a really helpful article for small business owners. Thinking about how to handle a disaster should one strike is not something many business owners want to do, but having a plan in place for dealing with an interruption or damage to aspects of your business is important. Managing risk in your business is an important part of keeping your business running smoothly and successfully.

      This story, published on Small Business Trends, details steps small business owners can take to protect their businesses: 

      When you’re setting up a business, coping with a flood, fire, hurricane or break-in is one ...

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    13. Entrepreneurship: When Starting a Business, Consider the Liabilities

      Entrepreneurship: When Starting a Business, Consider the Liabilities

      For small business owners, figuring out risk your company could face is essential to ensuring the success of your business. There are many, many risks and liabilities entrepreneurs may face when starting out, which is why getting the right insurance coverage is so important. 

      Some start-ups and small businesses may be unique, which makes finding insurance more difficult to find. A commercial insurance agent can help you shop multiple commercial insurance carriers to find the right policy for your small business. 

      Learn more about how other new business owners embraced insurance for mitigating their risk:

      An entrepreneur might want to ...

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    14. Personal Training (fitness)

      Personal Training (fitness)

      Did you know that if you're considering a personal training career that you should carry personal trainer insurance?

      There are risks of doing the job, especially since you'll be dealing with clients who may be new to fitness. Should a client be injured during your workout or even when you're not around, you could be held liable for their injuries. 

      Luckily, Hiscox offers insurance to help personal trainers protect themselves. Learn more about this coverage and what it can do for your personal training business:

      Personal trainer insurance is critical if you are a credentialed personal trainer ...

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    15. Marketing/Media consulting

      If you're thinking about starting or ramping up your marketing/media consulting small business in the new year, don't forget about commercial insurance!

      Hiscox outlines the insurance marketing consultants should consider to best protect themselves and their businesses. Read more on Hiscox:

      As a marketing/advertising consultant you help your clients make the most of their opportunities and in doing so you face specific risks. At Hiscox we offer customized consultant insurance for marketing professionals to fit your business needs.

      Inaccurate market research: You have been contracted to analyze a segment of your client's customer demographics and ...

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    16. Professional Liability Insurance

      Professional Liability Insurance

      You've heard you need it, but what exactly is "professional liability insurance?" It's important for small business owners to know about this important form of commercial insurance. 

      This coverage can help protect you from the costs of facing a lawsuit should something go wrong. Learn more about this coverage on Hiscox:

      Professional liability insurance, also called errors and omissions insurance (E & O insurance), protects your business if you are sued for negligently performing your services, even if you haven't made a mistake.

      You should seriously consider professional liability insurance coverage if your business:

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    17. 4 Risks Less Sexy than Cyber Security that Matter More to Your Business

      Cyber security risk my be what's covered often in the news these days, but don't get distracted. There may be risks more pressing for your small business that you should be considering and insuring your small business against.

      Do your research to find out what risks are common in your industry and the area your business located in. Speak with an insurance agent to make sure you're covered against such risks. 

      While it is smart to protect your business from cyber threats, don't overlook less trendy risks that could be more likely to strike your small ...

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    18. What Do You Need to Know Before You Buy Business Insurance?

      What Do You Need to Know Before You Buy Business Insurance?

      With so much to do in running your new business, insurance may feel like an afterthought or just another thing to cross off the list. Business insurance, however, can be paramount in keeping your business running smoothly and the right coverage is essential in making sure your investment in protection for your business is sound.

      Exploring how much risk your business carries and the types of insurance that may be helpful in mitigating your risk are first steps to getting the right coverage. An insurance agent can help you through figuring out these areas, or read on for a helpful ...

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    19. Certificate of Liability Insurance - What is it and why do I need it?

      Certificate of Liability Insurance - What is it and why do I need it?

      Protecting your small business is part of your job as a business owner. General liability insurance is one of the most common types of small business insurance that businesses should consider.

      Luckily, if your small business already has general liability insurance, then you likely already have a certificate of liability insurance, should a client require it.

      If your business doesn't have general liability coverage, you may want to contact your insurance agent to learn more.

      If you own a small business, general liability insurance protects you if there’s an accident or injury in your workplace or caused by ...

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    20. 19 Tips to Prepare Your Business for the 10 Most Common Insurance Claims

      This post should be required reading for business owners! These 19 tips will help you prepare your business for the most common commercial insurance claims. There are many things you can do to reduce your risk in addition to carrying business insurance.

      In addition to preparing your office and business against these common claims, you should also ensure you have the proper coverage and coverage limits. Having the correct insurance coverage will help you avoid the hassle and financial headache of common problems other businesses have faced. 

      Read on for Insureon's 19 tips:

      Don't wait for trouble to ...

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    21. 3 Real Small Business Disasters: Experts Weigh In

      When running your small business, how a disaster in your area could affect your business is probably not top of mind. However, running your business like nothing could ever go wrong is a mistake too many business owners make.

      Whether it's a hurricane that sweeps through and causes flooding or something totally unexpected, like an explosion in the neighborhood, having a plan in place for dealing with the unexpected is the best way to ensure your small business is poised to recover quickly from whatever comes your way.

      Insureon spoke with several disaster experts about how small businesses can ...

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    22. Why Your Business Needs Contract Insurance

      Why Your Business Needs Contract Insurance

      You may find that certain clients of your small business require you to carry insurance in order to work with them. Oftentimes, this helps your clients know that should something happen, you have the financial backing to deal with issues that could arise.

      You come to the client meeting with pen in hand, ready to sign a new contract. However, in reading the fine print, you see that it requires you to carry particular types of insurance. You ask yourself why that’s the case and what steps you will need to take to secure the contract.

      Here we’ll ...

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    23. Why Home Based Businesses Need Insurance

      Why Home Based Businesses Need Insurance

      If you're running a small business out of your home, it might be time to think about whether you've got the right insurance coverage. Not all policies are created equal - if you've got homeowners insurance for your residence, it likely does not cover commercial property or damage incurred while using your home for commercial purposes.

      This article from Small Business Trends can help you understand why you need insurance for your home-based small business:

      Is yours a home based business? You’re not alone if that’s the case. More than half of the businesses in the ...

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    24. Roundup: Insureon's Best Business Preparedness Resources

      Small business owners, this post is for you! In honor of National Preparedness Month, Insureon has rounded up a big list of resources to help you keep your small business safe from possible disasters.

      It's National Preparedness Month! Kick it off with these 10 resources that can help your be prepared for whatever disaster comes your way.

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