1. Your Driving Record: Insurance Companies' Crystal Ball

    Your Driving Record: Insurance Companies' Crystal Ball

    Your driving record can help insurers price out your insurance - and not just your auto insurance. Throughout the insurance industry, it pays to have a good driving record. Life insurance and home insurance pricing can be affected by your driving records, depending on where you live and which insurer you choose.

    Learn more about the studies behind using your driving record to price insurance on SFGate:

    Allstate, meanwhile, is using driving records to help price home insurance . The company began doing so in 2011 in Oklahoma with the introduction of ...

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    1. Motor vehicle records give insight into how folks behave.
    2. When you're assessing an individual for life insurance in their 20s, 30s, 40s or even 50s, they might not have a lot of relevant medical history.
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