1. How to get the most out of your insurance coverage

    How to get the most out of your insurance coverage

    Some great tips for families here:

    The biggest insurance mistake is not having insurance in the first place.

    But even if you have adequate insurance, making it work for you when accidents happen can be problematic unless you know your coverage limits, check the accuracy of those handling your claims and carefully follow instructions in filing a claim.

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    1. Mistakes in submitting insurance claims, by both claimants and the insurance companies processing the information, is the largest reason claims are delayed or denied.
    2. Insurance claims data are being imputed by data entry clerks who handle an enormous volume of cases, and make mistakes that anybody handling that kind of volume would make.
    3. The amount of money you will get from an at-fault driver's insurer depends on how much at fault each party is, and the other insurer is always going to argue in their favor.
    4. The insurance company has the right to deny the claim if you do not cooperate in the claims handling process. Often this will mean multiple requests for documents.
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