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    1. Super Bowl party fouls: How home insurance defends your turf

      For homeowners, Super Bowl party fouls could be tempered by your family's homeowners insurance. While it is fun to host a get together for the big game, don't forget that inviting others into your home can come with some risk.

      Read more on USA Today to learn how you can avoid a party foul this weekend:

      Hosting a Super Bowl bash can feel like trying to dodge a blitz. With lots of guests, alcohol and charged emotions, disaster can strike from any ...

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    2. What Is Postage Insurance and When Is It Necessary?

      What Is Postage Insurance and When Is It Necessary?

      Helpful summary from Small Business tips detailing when postage insurance could help your business!

      Whether your shipping vintage table lighters from a recent eBay sale or a technology component to an important client across the country, postage insurance may be something you  want to consider. Because without it, you might end up paying a heavy price.

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    3. Buying a New Business Laptop This Year? Get to Know Your BOP Insurance

      Does your business have big goals for the new year? If you'll need new equipment to crush those goals, don't forget insurance! Making sure your small business' gear is protected will help keep things running smoothly.

      For laptops, insurance is especially important as they can be easily lost or stolen. Laptops can also be a cyber security risk. Learn more about insuring your business laptop on Insureon:

      Ready for a new business laptop? These tips can help you find one that fits your small business and show you how BOP Insurance protects your investment.

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    4. Our Top New Year's Resolutions for Insurance

      Our Top New Year's Resolutions for Insurance

      How are your New Years resolutions going? The new year is a great time to evaluate your family's insurance coverage and insurance needs. 

      This article in the Huffington Post is an excellent breakdown of what families should be looking at in the new year to ensure you're getting the most out of your various policies. 

      Read more on Huffington Post:

      In Ross' home state of Florida, for example, drivers can meet the ... “People often buy homeowners insurance based on their mortgage or what the ...

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    5. 8 Reasons Your Business Should Have GPS Vehicle Tracking

      8 Reasons Your Business Should Have GPS Vehicle Tracking

      Considering a GPS tracking system for your business' vehicle fleet? It could help you save on your insurance costs.

      Learn more on Blogtrepreneur:

      Keeping costs low and earnings high is essential when you own and operate your own business. But if you or your employees work in the field, it can be difficult to identify opportunities to reduce costs and increase your revenue.

      If your business relies on a fleet of vehicles, you may have already thought about implementing a GPS tracking system.

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    6. How a Pay-As-You-Drive Policy Can Cut the Cost of Auto Insurance

      How a Pay-As-You-Drive Policy Can Cut the Cost of Auto Insurance

      Sick of paying so much your auto insurance premiums? If you don't drive often, you could have an option for lowering your family's rates.  You'll have to allow your insurer to monitor your driving, but giving up some of your driving privacy could lead to big savings on your car insurance.

      Learn more about pay-as-you-drive car insurance on The Street:

      For those who are ready to cut the cost of automobile insurance this year, enrolling in a pay-as-you-drive program may be the solution to driving down ...

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    7. When Do You Need To Buy Life Insurance?

      When Do You Need To Buy Life Insurance?

      Is life insurance right for your family? You may think if you're under 30, it's too early to consider. That may not necessarily be the case. Now could be a great time to buy, while you're young.

      Learn more on Money Under 30:

      Life insurance isn’t usually on a 20-something’s list of financial priorities.

      And that’s okay. Maybe.

      If you’re happily single and childless, you can probably skip this post (for now). But if marriage or a family is on the horizon, read on.

      Although age may play a role in how much ...

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    8. Flood Insurance, AAA asked the question: Are You Covered?

      Flood Insurance, AAA asked the question: Are You Covered?

      Your family may think that if you're not living near the ocean, you have no flood risk. AAA, however, wants to remind families across the US that floods can and do occur in all 50 states.

      Flooding is not typically covered by homeowners insurance, so it is important for families to evaluate their flood risk and consider flood insurance. Learn more from AAA on KCSG:

      It's important to understand what is and is not covered by your insurance policy. In most cases, additional coverage is needed to protect your property ...

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    9. 4 Ways to Prepare Now so Your Business Survives the Unexpected Later

      4 Ways to Prepare Now so Your Business Survives the Unexpected Later

      These 4 tips are helpful for entrepreneurs and small business owners to consider when setting up your business for success - but don't forget to consider commercial insurance, too!

      Having plans in place to deal with unexpected events and disasters is important for any business, but especially critical for small or new businesses. This article on Entrepreneur can get you started on identifying areas that need your attention. In addition to these steps, give your insurance agent a call to review your commercial insurance policies to ensure your business is adequately protected.

      Planning for what you hope never happens can ...

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    10. New Equipment or Furniture Checklist

      Is your business growing and looking to upgrade your stuff? Whether it's new office furniture or equipment to help you get your work done, there are some things to consider when making new purchases for your business.

      Read more on Insureon and don't forget to give your insurance policies an update after upgrading to ensure you have enough coverage:

      Before your small business shops for new office furniture or equipment, review this checklist. These tips can help you make the most of your dollars.

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    11. Your Driving Record: Insurance Companies' Crystal Ball

      Your Driving Record: Insurance Companies' Crystal Ball

      Your driving record can help insurers price out your insurance - and not just your auto insurance. Throughout the insurance industry, it pays to have a good driving record. Life insurance and home insurance pricing can be affected by your driving records, depending on where you live and which insurer you choose.

      Learn more about the studies behind using your driving record to price insurance on SFGate:

      Allstate, meanwhile, is using driving records to help price home insurance . The company began doing so in 2011 in Oklahoma with the introduction of ...

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    12. Don't skimp on property insurance

      Don't skimp on property insurance

      Understanding the different coverages a homeowners insurance policy offers your family can be tricky. This article in the Lowell Sun delves into the details and particulars of what a standard policy can offer and also certain details where homeowners should pay extra attention.

      Having the right coverage is essential to protecting your home and family. This piece can help you learn more:

      When selecting the amount of property insurance coverage, a homeowner considers the cost to replace only dwelling's structure -- not the market ...

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    13. Business Insurance 101 - Everything You Need to Know

      Business Insurance 101 - Everything You Need to Know

      Everything Massachusetts business owners need to know about commercial insurance, straight from insurer Hiscox. With so much to do and devote your time to as a business owner, it can be easy to overlook or simply never around get to protecting your business. This quick guide will give you the information you need to initiate a conversation with a commercial insurance agent.

      Learn the lingo of the business insurance world and begin understanding the most common policies on Hiscox:

      Running a small business is like walking a tightrope. It’s thrilling, but it also comes with some risk. Whether you ...

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    14. Life Insurance Explained in (Exactly) 250 Words

      Life Insurance Explained in (Exactly) 250 Words

      Short and sweet: here's a quick and dirty guide to life insurance. If your family is still not insured, this summary can help you understand what life insurance can provide for your family. There are many different types of life insurance and some may be better suited for your budget and family needs than others.

      There are many misconceptions out there about life insurance. Get started on better understanding how life insurance can help your family on NerdWallet:

      What life insurance is: a policy that pays out if you die. When you need it: if your death would cause ...

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    15. Peter Boutell, Lending a Hand: New year's resolutions for homeowners

      Peter Boutell, Lending a Hand: New year's resolutions for homeowners

      This is a useful list for any families looking to get their home finances in order! These tips from the Santa Cruz Sentinel can help homeowners examine their mortgage rates and look into their insurance policies.

      The article raises great points about the changing value of your home - as property values fluctuate, the contents of your home change, and you make changes to your living space, the amount of insurance you need to cover your home can change.

      Learn more in the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

      This is also a good time of year to run an insurance check on your ...

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    16. Looking Ahead: Commercial Insurance Pricing

      Could you see your commercial insurance premium rates drop this year? The Insurance Information Institute looks into the trends and taps industry experts to comment on where the industry is headed:

      Where are U.S. commercial insurance rates headed in the coming year?

      Latest analysis from online insurance exchange MarketScout gives some insight.

      This from Richard Kerr, CEO MarketScout:

      “We expect more moderate rate reductions for the coming year for all but a few lines of business. If interest rates increase, rate reductions could accelerate.”

      December closed out the year at a composite rate reduction of 1 percent, according to ...

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    17. Here are a few things you may not have known about earthquake insurance in California

      Here are a few things you may not have known about earthquake insurance in California

      For our families in California - are you among the 90% of California residents who don't have earthquake insurance? Considering how much damage an earthquake can cause, that is a huge amount of California residents without insurance to help cover the cost of repairs from an earthquake.

      The Daily News shares some information you may not have realized about earthquake insurance in California, like that rates have been steadily lowering.

      Read more on Daily News: 

      Few events can damage a home as severely as a major earthquake, yet only 10 percent of California residents have earthquake insurance .

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    18. 10 Smart Insurance Resolutions for 2017

      10 Smart Insurance Resolutions for 2017

      Great tips from the folks at NerdWallet to help you ensure that your insurance is in top shape for the new year ahead. These practical tips can help you make the most of your existing insurance policies as well as help you reduce your risk throughout the year. Less risk could mean fewer claims filed!

      Read more on NerdWallet:

      Insurance is a financial safety net for when life just doesn’t go your way, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it when things are going well. Here are 10 things you can do in 2017 to strengthen your ...

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    19. No insurance? No problem for thousands of drivers

      No insurance? No problem for thousands of drivers

      Unfortunately, in some states there are many people who ignore insurance mandates. Because of this, your family may want to consider adding some Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage to your auto insurance, just in case.

      Read more on Post-Crescent:

      Getting jolted by a car crash is bad enough, but when the other driver is uninsured and you're left holding the bag, it becomes infuriating – and ...

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    20. 15 Tips for Handling Holiday Returns

      15 Tips for Handling Holiday Returns

      Setting up a clear returns policy can help this month run smoothly for your small business. Minimize your risk this season by following these essential tips:

      After the holiday shopping season comes the season of holiday returns. So if your small business sold a lot of gift items over the past couple of months, you’re likely about to be inundated with customers looking to return or exchange at least some of those items.

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    21. How to conduct a year-end insurance review

      How to conduct a year-end insurance review

      If your family put off reviewing your insurance at the end of the year, that's okay! Take some time now to review your coverage to be sure that you have the right policies in place to protect your loved ones and your assets.

      Learn more on The Week:

      Use this insurance checklist as a starting point to review your policies and ... Discount status — Auto insurance is particularly filled with potential ...

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    22. Rubin: With sinkhole damage, sorry — you're not covered

      Rubin: With sinkhole damage, sorry — you're not covered

      Sinkholes and the destruction they can cause so suddenly are like something out of a nightmare. And as homeowners in Michigan have recently learned, they're not covered by your insurance. 

      What can you do about sinkholes? Luckily for people in most areas of the US, sinkholes are not a naturally occurring phenomenon. For those who are worried that a sinkhole might appear, this article from Detroit News covers what you can and can't do to protect yourself and your home:

      According to a lawyer who tussles with insurance companies for a living, while there are parts of a ...

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